David Maloney

David Maloney
Orange Park Blanding Office
153-1 Blanding Blvd.
Orange Park FL 32073
Email : dmaloney@watsonrealtycorp.com
Website : http://dmaloney.watsonrealtycorp.com
Office Phone : (904) 458-1210
Mobile Phone : (904) 707-5897
Fax : (904) 269-1288

Working as an assistant to the Premier Customer Relationship Manager at commercial bank propelled David to enter the Real Estate and financing world. Shortly after receiving his Mortgage Broker license in 2003, he faced a challenge while searching for a home for himself and his family; he couldn’t find a Realtor he could connect with! So he decided to become a One-Stop-Shop for his buyers and became a Realtor in 2005. This was very exciting as David now could help both Buyers and Sellers. After being in the business for 12 years, David made the decision to join the largest Real Estate company in North Florida, Watson Realty Corp. and he couldn’t be happier. David’s philosophy of “Live your best life NOW!” is reflected not only in his love for Real Estate, but in his family life as well. A proud father and grandfather who loves to play some ping-pong, David is 100% committed and dedicated to help others. For the Bee enthusiasts out there, please know David was an ardent beekeeper back in Guyana. The story he loves to tell is that the bees in Guyana were, “AFRICANIZED.” Africanized bees are very ferocious. David recounts getting over a thousand stings over a five year period. David likes to boast that this has given him “thick” skin. 

So if you’re in the market to buy or sell Real Estate, commercial or residential, call David and he’ll gladly guide you through all the great deals that are out there waiting for you.

Education: Nova Southeastern University, Florida Mortgage Brokers School, Florida Real Estate Institute

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